Acer outs new WiFi 7 routers for Gamers and Home Users

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Acer has announced the addition of two new wireless routers to its portfolio, targeting gamers, families, and remote workers. The new models, Acer Wave 7 and Predator Connect W6x, are designed to provide robust and reliable connectivity using the latest Wi-Fi technologies.

Acer Wave 7: Advanced Connectivity for the Modern Home

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The Acer Wave 7 leverages the latest Wi-Fi 7 technology, delivering speeds up to 6400 Mbps with exceptional reliability and low latency. It is available in two configurations: a 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz combination or a 2.4 GHz and 6 GHz combination, catering to different performance needs. With 320 MHz channel support and Multi-Link Operations (MLO) technology, devices can transmit and receive data simultaneously across different frequencies, significantly boosting throughput, minimizing latency, and reducing interference.

This model features a mesh system for expandable coverage, allowing additional access points to create seamless Wi-Fi coverage throughout large spaces. It also includes three Gigabit Ethernet ports with switchable WAN/LAN capability for flexible network configurations and built-in Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) security.

Predator Connect W6x: Optimized for Gaming

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Designed specifically for gamers, the Predator Connect W6x supports Wi-Fi 6 and delivers speeds up to 6000 Mbps. It features dual-band connectivity (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) to ensure strong and consistent signals. The router is equipped with a quad-core processor, 1 GB of DDR4 RAM, and 256 MB of ROM to minimize packet loss and provide smooth, uninterrupted gameplay. An LED light indicator shows the network connection status, providing a convenient visual cue.

Users can manage their network remotely with the Predator Connect utility app, available for smartphones and tablets starting in July. The W6x offers extensive connectivity options, including four Gigabit Ethernet ports for LAN connections and a single 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet port for WAN connectivity.

Features and Security

Both routers come with Hybrid Quality of Service (QoS) software and the Intel® Killer™ Prioritization Engine to identify and prioritize critical network traffic, maximizing speed and reducing lag. They feature user-friendly interfaces for easy setup and management, along with Trend Micro Home Network Security to protect the network and connected devices from potential threats.

Pricing and Availability

Exact specifications, prices, and availability will vary by region. For more details on availability, product specifications, and pricing in specific markets, please contact your nearest Acer office via

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