Alibaba Cloud Expands Global Reach with New Cloud Regions and AI Investments

Alibaba Cloud, the backbone of Alibaba Group’s digital technology and intelligence, has unveiled plans to establish its inaugural cloud region in Mexico. Over the next three years, additional data centers are slated for key markets like Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and South Korea. This expansion aims to bolster cloud and AI infrastructure, enhancing product offerings for global clients while fostering partnerships and nurturing AI talent.

Addressing the surging demand for AI applications across various sectors, Selina Yuan, President of International Business at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, emphasized the commitment to scaling AI infrastructure worldwide. The initiative includes collaborative digital talent programs with global universities and local partners in strategic markets, preparing the next generation with essential AI skills.

Model Studio, Alibaba Cloud’s premier generative AI development platform, will soon be accessible internationally via Singapore Availability Zones. It will provide access to Alibaba Cloud’s Qwen family of large language models, supporting the creation of custom generative AI applications. Later this year, additional tools for model finetuning and inferencing will enhance capabilities, enabling more sophisticated AI tasks cost-effectively.

Enhancing customer experience, Alibaba Cloud deepened its collaboration with SAP to launch an integrated cloud-based enterprise solution for SMEs in Asia. Combining SAP Business One’s business management capabilities with Alibaba Cloud’s scalable infrastructure promises a robust ERP system without substantial upfront IT investment. The solution, leveraging Alibaba Cloud’s compute nest technology, facilitates seamless deployment and operational agility for SMEs navigating market dynamics.

For multinational companies in China, Alibaba Cloud introduced a specialized Salesforce training program tailored to optimize use of Salesforce CRM platforms within the Chinese market context. This initiative, launched exclusively on Alibaba Cloud in late 2023, aims to equip over 10,000 participants with Salesforce administration skills by 2025, enhancing operational synergy across global environments.

Alibaba Cloud also announced partnerships with educational institutions globally, including Demos Group in Europe and OxValue.AI from the University of Oxford, to expand digital education offerings in cloud computing, data analytics, and AI. Collaborations with universities such as the University of Reading and Singapore University of Social Sciences further aim to cultivate future AI experts through specialized courses.

Internationally recognized for its cloud computing and AI technologies, Alibaba Cloud continues to support global customers in their digital transformation journeys. Partnerships with industry leaders like LVMH Group and emerging innovators such as FathomX underscore Alibaba Cloud’s role in fostering innovation-driven growth across diverse sectors, from luxury retail to healthcare and sustainable event management.

As Alibaba Cloud expands its footprint and enhances AI capabilities globally, these initiatives reinforce its commitment to driving technological advancement and empowering enterprises worldwide.

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