ZTE Showcases Future-ready ICT Solutions at ZTE Day Philippines 2024

ZTE Day 2024 Group Photo with DITO

ZTE Corporation recently concluded its ZTE Day exhibition in Manila under the theme ‘Unfolding the Intelligent Future,’ highlighting a wide array of ICT products and solutions. The event featured sessions on global technology trends such as 5G wireless, transmission, fixed network solutions, maintenance solutions, and terminals.

ZTE Day 2024 Group Photo with DITO

Mr. Huang Lisheng, Chief Marketing Officer of ZTE Southeast Asia MKT Department, emphasized ZTE’s ongoing collaboration with Philippine operators to enhance ICT infrastructure and expand digital intelligence applications. He reiterated ZTE’s commitment to delivering superior network experiences for users and highlighted the company’s substantial R&D investments in connectivity and computing power technologies.

During the event, ZTE showcased its latest technologies tailored to meet the specific needs of DITO Telecommunity, demonstrating increased support to enhance both telcos’ brand value. Mr. Rodolfo Santiago, Chief Technology Officer of DITO Telecommunity, emphasized the milestones achieved through the partnership with ZTE, contributing to DITO’s recognition as the number one mobile network. Santiago expressed DITO’s commitment to shaping the future of connectivity and intelligence in collaboration with ZTE, aiming to revolutionize Filipino lifestyles through advanced solution technologies.

The collaboration aims to provide seamless and intelligent connectivity across the Philippines, ensuring that every individual can benefit from enhanced digital experiences regardless of their location or background. ZTE’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction underscores its mission to drive telecommunications forward through strategic partnerships and cutting-edge technologies.

By leveraging ZTE’s expertise and collaborative efforts with DITO Telecommunity, the partnership aims to explore new avenues in telecommunications, enriching lives and empowering individuals in the digital era.

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