Globe leads Netflix ISP Speed Index

For the fifth month in a row

globe at home phone

Globe Telecom leads Netflix’s ISP Speed Index for the fifth month in a row with improvements in speed measurement, the video streaming service revealed.

globe at home phone

The broadband arm of Globe, Globe at Home, scored 3.4 Mbps in the index for May, higher than its 3.2 Mbps result in April.

Netflix’s ISP Speed Index determines which ISPs offer the best viewing experience during peak hours. Data is gathered from subscribers using the online video streaming platform.

The speed index is vital for Netflix streaming since its videos load quickly on networks with faster data transmission and minimal delays. Otherwise, viewers may encounter issues such as buffering and pixelation while streaming content.

Globe’s score in the May 2022 Netflix ISP Index is also at par with the country’s overall rating.

In terms of performance, the Philippines is in the same speed category as Australia, Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom, and the United States.

In 2021, Globe dominated the Netflix ISP Speed Index for 10 months, taking the top spot from February to November. “We want to enrich the experience of our subscribers by providing them with the best connectivity wherever they may be. The Netflix Speed Index proves that we are on the right track,” said Janis Racpan, Head of Globe At Home Product Marketing.

Globe continues to ramp up its capital-intensive modernization program to provide customers with consistent, high-quality video streaming speed.

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