Globe reminds users to stay vigilant in protecting their data

Using 2FA is highly recommended

Globe Telecom (Globe) strengthens its cyber education campaign to protect users from cybercrime with the emphasis on consumers safeguarding their personal information and staying vigilant.

The telco continuously rolls out the Digital Thumbprint Program (DTP) through its #makeITsafePH campaign. The program contains materials on cybersecurity and safety for consumers on ways to protect their online accounts from hackers, and also for businesses across various platforms including YouTube. Globe also conducts online workshops through the DTP program where they teach students, teachers, and parents about online safety and security, online etiquette and responsibility, and digital empowerment.

“As a company, we recognize that we have a responsibility to arm our customers with tools and knowledge that can protect them from various threats online.  Through our Digital Thumbprint Program, we want the public to know what actions they can take to keep themselves safe, especially now when we are expected to stay connected at all times” said Yoly Crisanto, Globe Chief Sustainability Officer and Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications.

On the other hand, users are being reminded that it would be best to refrain from using private information as passwords, as these are often the most vulnerable to hacking. In addition, a two-factor (2FA) authentication or application authenticator like Google authenticator is being recommended as it provides a stronger line of protection on customers’ accounts by requiring additional login credentials to gain access.

Moreover, it is discouraged to open accounts from a public computer or internet café, which is often full of malware and viruses. This can most likely expose a user’s personal information and make them vulnerable to cybercriminals, as well as unwanted content. But if it could not be avoided, when using public computers, Globe urged consumers to erase their tracks by deleting browsing history and cookies, use private browsing, watch for “over the shoulder” snoops when entering passwords, and avoid downloading personal files and email attachments. Most importantly, users should remember to log out of their accounts every after their session.

So far, DTP has reached over 1.9 million+ students and 175k+ teachers across 4k+ schools nationwide. The program has also been integrated into the values formation subject of the K-12 curriculum of the Department of Education.

The DTP program is available as eModules for on-demand consumption via Youtube and the Globe eLibrary

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