Infinix teases fast charging technology

How fast can your smartphone charge?

Slow charging has become a thing of the past ever since smartphone manufacturers introduced fast charging technology on their devices. Most fast charging technologies offer higher ampere, higher wattage, or higher voltage to pump out the fastest charge possible.

On April Fools’ Day this year, it was leaked that smartphone brand Infinix is working on a 150W fast charging technology. It was indeed confirmed that it was a tease of a 160W fast charging technology after another leaked picture of a smartphone charger was posted on the XDA Developers website touting a 160W Ultra Flash Charge technology. This opens an opportunity for Infinix to offer more on their devices especially to the emerging markets where they are known for.

Currently, the fast charging technology available on the market is below 160W which OPPO and realme currently have at 125W. And the fastest one was just recently introduced by Xiaomi at 200W but is still not available on the market. This puts Infinix at the top of the fast charging technology race if they will be able to release this to the market.

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