Japan telco launches 10Gbps fiber Internet service for under Php3k

That's blazingly fast

internet philippines

Japanese Telecoms provider NTT just launched a new 10 Gigabytes per second (Gbps) fiber Internet plan for its local subscribers at a sub-Php3k converted price.

Both download and upload speeds can support, in theory, up to 10Gbps, and the issued router is compatible to new standards including WiFi 6.

internet philippines

The new service aims to capture customers in Japan whose Internet connections require faster speeds for better data captures, citing 4K and 8K video downloads, as well as virtual reality content among them. These resolutions of media are gaining fast traction in Japan, with its national broadcaster NHK already starting to produce content, as well as dedicated a channel solely for 8K content alone.

If you’re living in Japan, you may check NTT East or NTT West to subscribe to FLET’S Hikari Cross and avail of this package starting March 16. Overall, as it was checked, it will only cost you JPY 6,300, or roughly Php2,900 when converted to local currency. There will be a one-time construction cost of JPY18,000 plus a JPY800 contract fee. The charges does not include the router rental, which costs JPY500 per month.

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