NTC’s Order: Deactivate Clickable URLs on Text Messages

Is this a smart move?

NTC Memo blocked SMS url thumb

Amidst the increasing SMS spam, the Philippines’ National Telecommunications Commission or NTC ordered Philippine carriers, Globe, Smart, and DITO to block or deactivate URLs on SMS.

NTC Memo blocked SMS url thumb

This is in response to rampant text spamming to every mobile subscriber in the Philippines.

According to a memo signed by NTC Commissioner Gamaliel A. Corbadora, the commission has ordered: “to block or deactivate domains or Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), TinyURLs, Smart Links and/or QR Codes redirecting to malicious sites”.

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In addition, these sites are based on the existing database collected from various sources such as the National Telecommunications Commission itself, the National Privacy Commission, the Department of Trade and Industry, law enforcement agencies, subscriber reports, and those generated from systems using Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence.

Telcos are also given until September 16 to comply and submit a written report to NTC.


NTC Memo blocked SMS url

What do you think guys? Is this a smart move?

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