OPPO Find X7 Ultra Earns DXOMARK’s Eye Comfort Display Label and Gold Display Label

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The OPPO Find X7 Ultra has set a new standard in display quality, securing both DXOMARK’s Eye Comfort Display Label and Gold Display Label. These accolades underscore its commitment to exceptional screen performance and user comfort.

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DXOMARK Eye Comfort Display Label

The Eye Comfort Display Label is a prestigious recognition granted to screens that meet stringent criteria set by DXOMARK’s expert engineering team. OPPO Find X7 Ultra excelled across four key metrics:

  1. Flicker Perception: The display’s flicker perception probability was an impressive 10%, well below DXOMARK’s requirement of 50%.
  2. Minimum Brightness: OPPO Find X7 Ultra achieved a minimum brightness of 1.57 nits, ensuring comfortable viewing in dark environments.
  3. Blue Light Reduction: With a circadian action factor of 0.63, the display minimizes interference with natural sleep cycles caused by blue light exposure.
  4. Color Consistency: Even with the blue light filter active, the display maintained 99% color consistency in the P3 color space, highlighting its quality and comfort.

Thibault Cabana, DXOMARK Display Evaluation Director, praised OPPO Find X7 Ultra’s smart features, including Bedtime Mode, which adapts blue-light filtering dynamically.

OPPO Find X7 Ultra: A Display of Unmatched Quality

In addition to the Eye Comfort Display Label, OPPO Find X7 Ultra also received the Gold Display Label. Key display features include:

  • QHD+ Resolution: With 3168 x 1440 resolution and 510 pixels per inch, the display delivers impeccable detail.
  • Dynamic Refresh Rate: A 1-120Hz LTPO AMOLED screen ensures smooth motion for all content.
  • Peak Brightness: Achieving up to 1600 nits overall and 4500 nits locally, the display offers stunning contrasts and vivid highlights.
  • HDR Support: Supports Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG, enhancing visual fidelity across various content formats.
  • O-Sync 3.0: OPPO’s optimizations minimize touch latency, ensuring responsiveness even under wet conditions.

Maximum Comfort Meets Superior Quality

OPPO Find X7 Ultra harmonizes exceptional eye comfort with exceptional visual performance. With DXOMARK’s endorsements, users can enjoy a flicker-free, color-accurate experience that mitigates blue light and supports comfortable viewing across diverse activities.

For more details about DXOMARK’s Eye Comfort Display Label, visit dxomark.com. Explore more about OPPO Find X7 Ultra at oppo.com to discover how it sets a new benchmark in mobile display technology.

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