Samsung Customer Service: Convenient and Eco-Friendly Support for Your Devices

In our technology-driven lives, maintaining our devices efficiently is crucial, especially with our busy schedules. Samsung Customer Service understands your needs, offering a wide range of care options.

Convenient Care at Your Doorstep

Samsung provides services that come to you, ensuring you don’t have to leave your home. If you own a Galaxy device in NCR, you can book a door-to-door pickup service. A service partner will collect your device, repair it at an authorized service center, and return it to you once it’s fixed. Additionally, Samsung’s Galaxy TechVan, a mobile service center, tours the country for Galaxy device and home appliance repairs, making it accessible to more people.

For in-home assistance, you can reach Samsung’s customer service through their 24/7 Hotline, Live Chat, or a video call using Visual Support. There’s also the option for Remote Service, where a Samsung expert can remotely diagnose and assist with phone or TV issues. If you prefer to solve problems independently, check out for Self-Help solutions and FAQs.

To make in-person support more convenient, use the Pre-booking Service through the Smart Q Service app. You can secure an appointment at the nearest service center, reducing wait times and increasing your productivity.

Inclusive and Sustainable Care

Samsung aims to be more inclusive and eco-friendly in its customer services. You can set up a video conversation with a Samsung Sign Language Expert through Sign Language Support. For eco-conscious care, Samsung offers Proactive Care for air conditioners, automatically scheduling check-ups and cleanings to prolong the life of your appliances. Eco-Conscious Repair focuses on repairing only affected parts, reducing electronic waste and costs.

If it’s time to part with your Galaxy device, the Electronic Waste Disposal (EWD) program provides responsible disposal. Drop boxes at Samsung Authorized Service Centers make it easy to dispose of mobile e-waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

Exclusive Member Benefits

Become a Samsung Member to enjoy exclusive perks. The Samsung Members app connects you with a community of Samsung fans, offering customer support, insider tips, and promos. Earn rewards and access curated content.

Galaxy S Series or Z Series device owners can enjoy Samsung Concierge benefits, including a dedicated hotline for configuration, diagnostics, and repair assistance. You can also secure appointments and request temporary loaner units for certain appliances.

With Samsung Customer Service, you can enjoy worry-free device maintenance and support. For more information, visit Samsung’s support page.

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