Smart 5G SIM cards now available in select locations

As we’ve seen online and reported by several local news sites, Smart Communications has started to sell 5G-compatible SIM cards in select places around the metro.

These SIM cards can connect automatically to the company’s 5G-enabled connections, once available later this year. The new SIM also features stronger security compared to 4G SIMs.

5G is the talk of the town for telco companies, as they race towards deployment this year — a first for Southeast Asia. Smart is currently preparing for a Q1 2020 launch, which should explain why the new SIM cards are now out in the market.

Some listings on Facebook’s Marketplace price these new SIM cards at Php250, with vanity numbers going up the thousands price point.

Do you need a 5G sim card right now?

Keep in mind that you’ll still need a 5G-enabled phone to actually connect to a 5G network. It also pays to wait for Smart 5G deployment of the technology in your area.

5G phones are currently at the flagship level, too, so expect the technology to stay there for a year before it becomes more accessible on cheaper phones.

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