Surf2Sawa(S2S): Unlimited, Prepaid Fiber Internet

Find requirements, fees, and prepaid plans here

A new Prepaid Fiber player is in town: Meet Surf2Sawa or S2S Internet, offering Unlimited Prepaid Internet that is making the rounds right now.

Said to be powered by Converge ICT, the new prepaid fiber ISP is making the rounds in offline places, as well as with several multi-brand stores in malls. They aim to empower MSMEs with an unlimited prepaid internet connection and give them an opportunity to market the product to their neighborhood with its low fees and prepaid plans.

This new Prepaid Fiber brand is perfect for those who are really on a budget but still want to connect to the internet.


Your requirements are the following:

  • A copy of your valid ID
  • An accomplished application form at this website.


S2S Internet will collect these fees for primary installation:

  • PHP 1,000 One-time Installation Fee
  • PHP 200, 380, or 700 first-time Unli Prepaid Internet Fee (valid for 7 days, 15 days, or 30 Days, respectively)

Since this is a prepaid plan, there will be no lock-in fees and your connection can be terminated at any time. However, the connection will be automatically terminated after 60 days of last use, if left dormant and unused. Reactivation will incur additional fees and can be reactivated at any S2S Merchant or Support on their online channels (Facebook, Email)

Prepaid Fiber Plans

Once you have used your initial load, you can reload at the S2S website or through any of their affiliate merchants nationwide. They currently offer four Unli Fiber Internet plans as follows:

SpeedUp to 25 MbpsUp to 25 MbpsUp to 25 MbpsUp to 25 Mbps
Duration1 day7 days15 days30 days
CostPHP 50PHP 200PHP 380PHP 700

Speaking with S2S Representatives, the Surf2SawaUnlimited Prepaid Fiber Internet Plans do not have data caps and will be available at speeds up to 25Mbps.

Those who want to be a partner merchant can get a 4% commission on prepaid plan subscriptions, and additional incentives for every new successful S2S plan application. More of that is in this link.

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