TECNO CAMON 30 Series: Advanced AI Features and Enhanced User Experience

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TECNO has introduced the new CAMON 30 Series, equipped with advanced AI capabilities to enhance user experience. This series features innovative AI functionalities, superior camera technology, and ample storage.

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Introducing Ella-GPT: The AI Assistant for TECNO CAMON 30 Series

The CAMON 30 Series includes AI features like Ella-GPT and Ask AI, transforming the phone into a versatile assistant. Ella-GPT, the AI assistant, can handle various tasks such as providing quick answers, brainstorming ideas, and real-time translations. Users can control their phones via voice commands, manage daily tasks, and create content effortlessly. Ella-GPT supports over 70 languages, adapts to different scenarios, and offers personalized assistance, making it suitable for professionals and travelers alike.

ASK AI: Enhancing Productivity and Creativity

The ASK AI feature helps users craft text, check for grammar mistakes, and integrates with Chrome for improved browsing. Additionally, the AI Generate feature on the Notepad app allows users to create unique images from simple sketches, promoting creativity.

Superior Camera Technology with Polar Ace AI Image Processor

The CAMON 30 Series also features the Polar Ace AI Image Processor, developed in collaboration with Sony. This technology enables users to capture vibrant and bright low-light photos, preserving the beauty of starry nights and sunsets.

TECNO’s Commitment to Innovation at Mobile World Congress 2024

At the Mobile World Congress 2024, TECNO demonstrated its commitment to innovation by showcasing the AI-Enhanced Robotic Dog, Dynamic 1, which replicates lifelike movements and interactions. TECNO also introduced Multi-Skin Tone Imaging Technology, setting a new standard in color accuracy and representation, highlighting the brand’s dedication to inclusivity and technological excellence.

TECNO continues to integrate AI to enhance user experiences, making the CAMON 30 Series a significant advancement in smartphone technology.

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