WIKO Mobile enters the Philippines with new mobile offerings

Offering competitive smartphones for all

WIKO Mobile officially launches today in the Philippines as the newest phone brand in town.

WIKO, an international mobile brand original to Marseille, France, continues to gear towards global expansion. Set off by its success on the European scale which dates back to 2011, it rapidly expanded its reach and visibility in above 30 countries worldwide. Now it proudly enters the Philippine market with two smartphones up its sleeves, the WIKO T10 and WIKO T50.

From the sky-high districts of France to other parts of Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, WIKO has finally landed and is set to ignite the Philippine tech sphere. “The significant number of mobile phone users in the Philippines inspired this venture and the potential of WIKO is evident in the market with such demand,” says Mr. Whisky Wang, President of Asia-Pacific Region, WIKO.

“The goal is to give value, especially to the younger generations and, same as with any other countries where we are present, to be a key player in the mobile phone industry,” he further adds.

WIKO is known for fusing the latest tech innovations and the refined artistic taste of its French roots, providing hard-wearing devices that elevate individual lifestyles. Wiko can definitely take you to the upscale streets of France just by having it in the palm of your hands.

“The hardware perspective alone was already enough to have made WIKO one of the most preferred brands in Western Europe. We take pride in the durability of our products, equivalently in the elegance that we try to incorporate into each of them,” Mr. Wang notes.

You can check out the full specifications of the Wiko T50 and Wiko T10 here.

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