Increase your productivity with HUAWEI’s Super Device features on MatePad 10.4, MateBook 14, and Sound Joy

A seamless AI life, starting with smart office technology

Super Device KV Matebook Matepad Soundjoy

The beating heart behind all of Huawei’s greatest innovations is the dream of creating a Seamless AI Life. With every new device and innovation, Huawei wants to create a cross-collaborative ecosystem of gadgets that will allow users to intuitively move across the five essential spheres of a balanced life — Smart Office, Health and Fitness, Easy Travel, Entertainment, and Smart Home. This grand project starts with the integration of Super Device technology into all Huawei devices — featuring cross-device collaboration and ecosystem integration. With cross-device collaboration, users can wirelessly connect multiple devices together in a single experience. With ecosystem integration, users can access cross-device programs and capabilities all within one device.

Super Device KV Matebook Matepad Soundjoy

This month, Huawei is proud to introduce upgrades to their Smart Office gadget coterie featuring Super Device capabilities: the HUAWEI MatePad 10.4 tablet, MateBook 14 laptop, and Sound Joy portable speaker.

A new PC-like experience with the MatePad 10.4

With the brand-new Harmony OS 2 productivity user interface, the MatePad 10.4 is capable of several intuitive interactions that make operating on the tablet notably PC-like. Multi-tasking across applications is much easier with the Multi-Window feature, which enables more task windows of multiple applications to be displayed at the same time. The updated App Multiplier maximizes the tablet’s screen in landscape mode by allowing users to operate with two split windows – one on the left and another on the right of the screen. But perhaps most impressive is the Super-Device-integrated potential for Multi-Screen Collaboration between the MatePad and other Huawei devices:

  • MatePad 10.4 + Huawei smartphones = Users can combine the two gadgets’ displays on one screen. The tablet’s keyboard, display, speakers, and other hardware can additionally be shared with the smartphone, so you can access your phone apps on the MatePad or access the MatePad’s Smart Keyboard and M-Pencil accessories to control the smartphone.
  • MatePad 10.4 + Huawei PCs = There are three modes available for combining the two gadgets: Mirror, Extend, and Collaborate. Mirror mode is when the laptop interface is duplicated onto the tablet. Extend mode is when the tablet serves as an extended display for the PC, creating a larger overall screen. Collaborate mode breaks down the barriers between the tablet and PC, so users can do things like use the computer mouse to drag and drop selected text, images, and files between the two devices.

Seriously smart with the MateBook 14

The MateBook series products serve as the master key of the Super Device catalog, offering the most control for cross-device collaboration. With heavy-duty 56Wh battery capacity and powerful 11th Gen Intel Core processors, MateBook 14 laptops can effortlessly handle connections with Huawei smartphones, tablets, monitors, TVs, and wearables for incredible combined capabilities.

The MateBook 14 especially boasts the PC Manager, which enables the PC to better interact with other devices through Instant Hotspot, Gallery Manager, Screen Recording, Clipboard Sharing, and Recent Documents actions. You can easily connect the laptop to the Internet via tethering with Huawei smartphones through Instant Hotspot. You can manage and organize large quantities of files saved on your smartphone or tablet directories through your MateBook’s Gallery Manager, wherein such files are automatically synced to your MateBook. It’s as easy as a click of a button to send PC Screen Recordings to any connected device. And when the MateBook 14 and a Huawei smartphone are connected, users can access a cross-platform clipboard allowing them to copy content from one device and paste it directly into another. The PC Manager additionally hosts a Recent Documents function with which users can access any recently viewed mobile file on their laptop and edit it there, all without using any laptop storage.

A smart assistant with the Sound Joy

Huawei’s first-ever portable Bluetooth speaker and the newest addition to the Huawei audio family, the Sound Joy is an impressive debut speaker packed with top-notch features such as 26-hour playback and 40W super fast-charging support. With Super Device technology added into the mix, the Sound Joy also sports Automatic Discovery, One-Touch Transfer, Voice Assistant Pod, and HUAWEI Watch Control abilities. Via Automatic Discovery, the speaker can immediately connect to any Huawei or Android smartphone to access its tracks with One-Touch Transfer, or wake and transmit your smartphone Voice Assistant with a tap. And in tandem with a Huawei smartwatch, users can make use of HUAWEI Watch Control actions to transfer and control music on the speaker just like they can with their smartphones.

Altogether, these gadgets highlight the progress Huawei continues to make toward realizing its Seamless AI Life ambition and creating a truly ingenious technological experience for its customers. When you buy a Huawei gadget with Super Device capabilities, it becomes an investment that pays off in dividends. As you add to your collection, each new addition amplifies the abilities of the other gadgets, so that the sum is greater than the whole.

What are you waiting for? Build your Super Device cyber hub now and get the MatePad 10.4, MateBook 14, and Sound Joy!

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