ZTE Corporation Earns Top Ratings in Global 5G RAN Market Assessment

ZTE Shenzhen

ZTE Corporation, a global leader in information and communication technology solutions, has achieved a significant milestone in the 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) market. In a recent assessment by GlobalData, ZTE received an overall Leader rating, along with Leader ratings in three of the five subcategories. This recognition highlights ZTE’s crucial role in expanding global 5G infrastructure.

ZTE Shenzhen

ZTE’s success in the 5G RAN market is attributed to its comprehensive “all-scenario UniSite” solution. This solution demonstrates ZTE’s commitment to innovation and its ability to address the diverse needs of the evolving 5G infrastructure landscape.

In the Baseband Unit (BBU) portfolio category, ZTE is recognized as a Leader by GlobalData. ZTE’s BBU portfolio provides exceptional support for 5G cell capacities, enabling network operators to proactively manage traffic growth and infrastructure investments effectively. This approach underscores ZTE’s dedication to delivering sustainable and future-proof solutions for global 5G infrastructure growth.

Radar chart in GlobalData 5G RAN CLA

In the Traditional Radio Portfolio category, where ZTE is also rated a Leader, the company stands out with its wide range of frequency support capabilities, surpassing competitors and setting a new industry standard. With versatile single, dual, and triple frequency devices, ZTE equips operators with the tools needed to meet various network requirements, accelerating 5G infrastructure development.

ZTE leads in the antenna-integrated radio segment with its lightweight Massive MIMO solutions, which redefine deployment ease and cost-efficiency. These solutions significantly contribute to the global advancement of 5G infrastructure.

ZTE’s millimeter-wave product range, another category where ZTE is recognized as a Leader, outperforms competitors in range and unique features, such as a compact design and high maximum power output. These offerings are crucial for delivering high-speed, high-capacity connectivity, enabling advanced 5G use cases like virtual reality, augmented reality, and ultra-HD video streaming.

ZTEs detailed rating in GlobalData 5G RAN CLA

Furthermore, ZTE’s commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability is evident in its industry-leading energy efficiency features, promoting a more sustainable digital future.

The Leader rating from GlobalData reflects ZTE’s focus on innovation and delivering top-notch 5G RAN solutions. As the 5G era continues to evolve, ZTE remains dedicated to driving innovation, delivering advanced, efficient, and reliable 5G RAN solutions, and supporting operators worldwide in navigating the complexities of 5G network deployment and operation. ZTE is poised to play a pivotal role in fostering a more connected and digitally inclusive future.

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