Creative Pebble Plus 2.1 Channel Speakers Review

Renowned audio brand Creative has re-entered the Philippines through official stores at Shopee and Lazada along with some of their widely-known speakers, including the Creative Pebble Plus, a 2.1 Channel speaker that can be used for your personal space. Here’s why we think it’s a great addition to your setup in this review.

Unboxing the device has the goods upfront – two small speakers, the subwoofer, and some documentation for guide and warranty.

Design and Build Quality

The Creative Pebble Plus distinguishes itself with a clean, minimalist design. The matte black finish and sleek curves give it a contemporary look that complements any desktop. Its compact size ensures it won’t clutter your workspace, and the grille protects the drivers.

Setting itself apart in design, the Pebble Plus features 2” mid-range drivers that are strategically elevated at a 45° angle. This unique configuration directs the sound precisely toward you, optimizing the soundstage and ensuring that you remain at the center of attention. The thoughtful design not only enhances audio quality but also adds a touch of sophistication to your desktop setup.

The audio setup comes from the right speaker, which houses the LED light for the power indicator, a volume dial that also turns the speaker off by forcing a click as you turn it counterclockwise, and the wires that connect to complete the setup – a USB cable for power, a 3.5mm audio speaker cable for audio reception, and an RCA cable to connect to your subwoofer.

The subwoofer is light and has a matte finish, contrary to the glossy finish of the two small speakers facing you. All of them are easy to carry, and just come as plug-and-play.

Sound Quality

The most noteworthy aspect of the Creative Pebble Plus is its audio performance. Despite its small size, it produces a balanced sound.

The standout feature of the Pebble Plus is its powerful down-firing subwoofer. With a newly designed 4-inch ported subwoofer, it produces deep and resonant bass, adding a layer of richness to the overall audio experience. This feature makes the Pebble Plus particularly well-suited for music genres that emphasize low-frequency tones and enhances the impact of gaming and movie soundtracks.

The 2-inch mid-range drivers, elevated at a 45° angle, contribute to a clear and crisp mid-range. This design choice enhances the soundstage and ensures that the audio is directed toward the listener, creating an immersive and focused listening experience. It’s an ideal balance for vocals, instrumentals, and dialogue in movies.

The high frequencies are handled by the same mid-range drivers, maintaining a balanced and detailed presentation in the upper range. This balance is crucial for reproducing the nuances in music and providing clarity in dialogue, ensuring that every element of the audio spectrum is well-defined.

The inclusion of High Gain Mode further enhances the audio output. This feature, activated with a simple switch, increases the power output to 8W RMS. It results in stronger bass performance and room-filling audio without sacrificing the overall audio quality. This versatility caters to those who appreciate a dynamic and powerful audio experience.

Final Thoughts

The Creative Pebble Plus stands out as an affordable option. It offers a 2.1-channel audio experience that delivers impressive sound without a hefty price tag. If you’re seeking a cost-effective way to enhance your desktop audio, the Pebble Plus is a solid choice. I’m surprised to find myself using the speaker system more to watch my favorite series and listen to music instead of using my headphones on most days these past few weeks.

Whether you’re working from home or unwinding with entertainment, the Creative Pebble Plus provides a reliable desktop audio solution without extravagant claims. It’s a testament to Creative’s commitment to delivering quality audio options for users on a budget.

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