Lyceum, Tier One launch BS Esports Curriculum: Subjects, What to expect, and more

The game is on for the academe

Lyceum of the Philippines University has officially launched its newest 4-year degree program under the College of Technology called Bachelor of Science in Esports. With the approval from the Commission on Higher Education, Lyceum of the Philippines University with its autonomous status is the first of many educational institutions in the Philippines to offer this degree program to all aspiring students.

In partnership with Tier One Entertainment headed by its CEO Tryke Gutierrez, both institutions have successfully constructed a comprehensive curriculum for the said program. During the event, Dean, College of Technology, Dr. Arlene Caballero, has briefly discussed all possible career opportunities, advantages of taking a technology-inclined college program, and the future that awaits for a student that has completed the degree including its ranking on the highest paying jobs in the world.

The program is aimed towards building a career on the back-end of esports. There are 2 tracks in this program: Esports Management and Game Design and Development. Esports Management tackles the fundamental concepts of esports management: management and organization, planning and team management, and business skills. While Game Design and Development focuses on the fundamentals of esports, game design, and game development.

Course CodeCourse DescriptionLecLabUnits
ESPN11CIntroduction to Esports303
EGTL11CEsports Game Technology303
ESEN12CEsports Ecosystems303
ESBN12CEsports Broadcasting303
IGDL21CIntroduction to Game Design and Development233
EDP121CEsports Digital Production 1233
EPSL22CEvent Planning and Strategy303
ESAN22CEsports Market Analytics and Global Trends303
SMPN11CSocial Media and Professional Ethics303
TML11CIntroduction to Media303
SSPN12CSports Science: Physicality of Gaming303
IADL12CIntroduction to Advertising303
SPGL12CSingle Player Gaming303
MPGL21CMultiplayer Gaming303
PMCL21CPlayer Management and Coaching Teams303
EDP222CEsports Digital Production 2233
IGPL222CImmersive Gameplay233
EBMN31CEsports Business Model303
CIEN31CContemporary Issues in Esports303
ELEP33CEsports Live Event Production and Experience606
MKTN32CMarketing I – Esports and Gaming Marketing303

The program is now in full swing and is ready to be offered to students for the AY 2021-2022. Full details about the program as well as the admission, tuition fee pricing, and other requirements can be found on the website of Lyceum of the Philippines University.

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