TCL to discontinue making Blackberry phones

So long, BB

TCL Communication has announced that its global license to manufacture Blackberry smartphones will be expiring later this year.

In an announcement on its official brand page, TCL will no longer have the rights to continue manufacturing, designing, and even selling Blackberry-branded phones after August 31st this year. Here is their full statement:

The company is credited with co-developing a series of new-generation Blackberry phones, including the DTEK50, DTEK60, KeyOne and Key2 phones. These all run on Android and have Blackberry’s enterprise-grade security on top of the mobile operating system they’re on.

The news comes with a shocker, as the last phones have yet to receive their full updates. Their most recent release, the Key2 LE, is still stuck with Android 8.1 Oreo despite being released in 2018.

TCL will still continue to support the phones that they have released until 2022.

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