Effy is a new social media app purely for voice clips

Creating a safe space to speak up

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Effy is a voice community where users can create and share content with their voice in just 30 seconds. They can also go on live stream for longer conversations and communicate with other users. The app offers short-form audio content that is easier to share, less time-consuming, and is more of a short live audio conversation.

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“We believe in the extraordinary power of voice and the message it conveys. With extra factors, such as visual cues, filtered out, one can listen to others’ voices and their true implication more clearly.” – Seunggi Kim, CEO, Effy.

The app allows users to hop in and join a conversation as well as engage with listeners on chat while in the live broadcast. It also enables users to follow other streamers and talk on their broadcasts as well as giving them “claps” that serve as a gift-like system on the app.

Moreover, Effy also transcripts all voices into text for easy listening and reading thanks to Effy’s speech-to-text feature. Users can also join a group voice chat room or create their chat room.

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