Globe Telecom Selects Nokia to Upgrade Broadband Network for Faster Speeds and Wider Coverage in the Philippines

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Globe Telecom, a leading telecommunications provider in the Philippines, has chosen Nokia to modernize its Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) network. This upgrade aims to deliver a superior broadband experience for Filipino subscribers across the country.

globe telecom photo philippines

Improved Performance and Efficiency

Globe Telecom will replace its existing BNG infrastructure with Nokia’s advanced solution. This upgrade promises to deliver significant improvements in internet speed, stability, and overall user experience. Additionally, Nokia’s BNG solution is designed to optimize total cost of ownership (TCO) for Globe Telecom, resulting in operational efficiencies.

Future-Proofing the Network for Fixed Wireless Access

The new BNG network from Nokia will also pave the way for the future deployment of Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) services. This technology will allow Globe Telecom to offer a wider range of internet connectivity options to its customers, particularly in areas where traditional wired broadband infrastructure is limited.

Quotes from Industry Leaders

  • Joel Agustin, Senior Vice President of Network Planning and Engineering at Globe Telecom, stated the company’s commitment to continuous network improvement. He highlighted Nokia’s BNG solution’s ability to evolve into a multi-access gateway, enabling Globe to further enhance efficiency and provide the best possible broadband experience.
  • Kent Wong, Vice President and Head of IP Business at Nokia Asia Pacific, emphasized the longstanding partnership between Nokia and Globe Telecom. He expressed delight in working together to modernize the BNG network and deliver an improved broadband experience for Filipinos.

Benefits for Filipino Subscribers

Globe Telecom’s collaboration with Nokia signifies a significant step towards a more robust and future-proof broadband network in the Philippines. This upgrade is expected to benefit Filipino subscribers by providing:

  • Faster and more reliable internet speeds
  • Wider internet coverage, potentially including FWA services in the future
  • Improved overall internet experience
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