Man sells his Sony PS5 when wife discovers it wasn’t an air purifier

Today, we press F

Securing a brand new Sony PlayStation 5 may be harder as the local launch becomes imminent, but here’s one story for thought: A man in Taiwan has sold his brand-new Sony PlayStation 5 after her wife discovered that it wasn’t another household appliance.

A report from SGEverydayOnSales noted that a social media user in Taiwan shared his hilarious yet sorry experience of buying a Sony PlayStation 5 online. He has found a seller on an e-commerce platform who is willing to sell a PS5 at a very cheap price, to which he was surprised.

When he met the seller through an online meeting, the netizen asked why he’ll sell the brand new unit for cheaps. The seller went silent for 2 seconds and then he answers, “My wife asked me to sell it.” The seller, as he shared, used the tactic of tricking her wife that the PS5 is an air purifier, a must-have household appliance during the pandemic.

The netizen also went silent and feel what the seller is going through and felt sorry for him. We at WalasTech press F to our fallen gamer comrade.

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