NTC suspends Telecoms, ISPs from doing maintenance work as election day nears

Ensuring uptime in time for Election Day

ntc telco

The National Telecommunications Commission has restricted all telecommunications companies, Internet Service Providers, and Value-Added Service Providers from doing repairs and maintenance services as Election Day nears.

ntc telco

The agency asks telcos to finish their maintenance work and repairs by yesterday, May 3, as the suspension will take effect from May 4 to 14, 2022.

In the memo we received from the government agency itself, signed by Commissioner Gamaliel Cordoba dated April 25, the said measure aims to make sure that telecommunications remain up as it will play a critical role in the transmission of election results, as well as coordination between poll governing bodies and watchers assigned to precincts as they expect a peak of service usage come May 9th.

In case of critical emergency repairs, the companies may notify the commission of the nature of the emergency, as well as their timeline for repair and the said impact on its services. The agency has also asked its regional offices to assign a team to be deployed 24/7 to respond specifically to these emergency requests.

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