Why Inverter Appliances are the best investments in 2020

We list down all the reasons

People are always into making their lives simpler, and that includes purchasing appliances for their home needs. Here’s a pro tip: If you want to get the best out of your money, get an inverter appliance. We list down the top reasons why they’re worth the investment.

Reduced Electricity consumption

As compared to other countries, we get to enjoy a lot of necessities and even luxuries at a lower price. Sadly, however, electricity is not one of them. The Philippines currently has the 2nd highest electricity rate in the whole of Asia. Given this fact, it’s only natural to look for all opportunities one can have in saving and being energy and cost-efficient.

Quite frankly, inverter appliances are at the forefront of making the most out of your electricity consumption. A lot of them spend less energy performing just as much as a non-inverter appliance would. Everyone can live a lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of without having to worry about the electric bill every second.

Here’s an example. The LG Smart Inverter Washing Machine only uses 67wh (watt-hours) of energy to do a cycle – less than what it takes to iron a shirt or 4 minutes of using a blow-dryer.

More efficient operation

Inverters, generally, make operations of these appliances more variable. Compared to non-inverter ones that offer a fixed cycle of electricity consumption, inverter appliances only need to keep their motors running at a slower speed to maintain the current performance of, say, room temperature with an air conditioner, or inside a refrigerator.

Inverter-type appliances nowadays are built with better functions and more efficient technologies. They tend to be quieter when in use while keeping the same performance as non-inverter types would. They also strive to maintain the temperatures at the desired level without having

LG also has that. Their Inverter Linear Compressor built inside their refrigerators keeps your food fresh longer by maintaining temperature fluctuation within ±0.5℃. This allows you to cook with fresh ingredients every day for your family, and minimizes spoilage.

Spend less, overall

With all the reasons we’ve mentioned above, inverter appliances give back your investment at a faster rate, since you can actually save more on electricity bills since these appliances have higher Energy Efficiency Ratios (EER) resulting in lower power consumption.

Also, the prices of inverter appliances have now become more affordable. You can easily purchase refrigerators with Linear Inverter for as low as Php18,990 (SRP),

LG’s air conditioner is an example. Their DUAL Inverter Compressor built into their split-type ACs can save you a lot as it reduces energy use by up to 70%.

Whether it’s energy and cost efficiency, connectivity across multiple devices or even artificial intelligence, every facet of LG’s design is conceptualized with efficiency and simplicity, giving you and your family more time and more savings. We think it’s high time for everyone to switch to an inverter appliance nowadays, and feel the immense result afterward.

Carl writes for WalasTech when he's not working full-time. Give him tips and/or leads at [email protected].