Globe Business Takes a Bold Stand Against Cyber Threats with “CyberHeist 2023” Event

Globe Business

In a resolute move to combat the escalating cyber threat landscape, Globe Business made a resounding statement by kickstarting its groundbreaking event, “CyberHeist 2023.” This three-day affair thrusts cybersecurity to the forefront, spotlighting its indispensable role in the digital age while showcasing cutting-edge solutions to protect invaluable data.

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Marlon Cruz, Globe Senior Director for the Services and HealthcareSector; KD Dizon, Head of Globe Business; and Cocoy Claravall, GlobeBusiness Head of Partner Ecosystem at the Globe Business CyberHeist event

Amidst the stunning backdrop of The Globe Tower, CyberHeist 2023 is a captivating fusion of education and experience, designed to arm enterprises with the proactive defense they urgently need. The event boasts two main components: The Cybersecurity Escape Rooms, which plunge cybersecurity managers and IT Risk practitioners into authentic cyber breach simulations, and the Whiskey Business: Code on the Rocks sessions, reserved for C-level executives and decision-makers who engage in insightful discussions with cybersecurity thought leaders over the finest whiskey.

“We aim to empower our customers with a transformative cybersecurity roadmap, evolving them from reactive to proactive defenders of their digital assets,” asserted KD Dizon, Head of Globe Business. “Through CyberHeist, we offer a safe space to confront real-life cyber threats, empowering enterprises to anticipate and address vulnerabilities before they materialize.”

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KD Dizon, Head of Globe Business, gives an overview of the event at a press conference at The Globe Tower, on August 1, 2023.

Globe Business’ cybersecurity prowess shines through an impressive array of solutions, encompassing ZScaler, Palo Alto Networks, Samsung, Fortinet, Checkpoint, CyberArk, Tenable, Dell Technologies, NS Focus, WithSecure, and Yondu. These robust offerings fortify every facet of cybersecurity, ensuring businesses of all sizes and sectors are poised to repel even the most formidable attacks.

The event’s significance lies not only in Globe Business’ commitment to being a leading TechCo but also in its unwavering dedication to shield Philippine enterprises from cyber harm. According to a State of Incident Response report by Kroll, the Philippines remains one of the most cyber-affected countries in the Asia-Pacific region, facing the scourge of malware, phishing, and password attacks leading to data loss, business disruption, and intellectual property theft.

Through CyberHeist 2023, Globe Business fervently reiterates its mission to be the unwavering partner organizations need to steer safely in the digital realm. As Globe Business continues to drive innovation and expand its technology portfolio, enterprises can rest assured that they have a stalwart ally safeguarding their digital assets from malicious forces.

For businesses seeking a resilient cybersecurity fortress, this transformative event holds the key to a safer, more secure future. Discover more about Globe Business’ comprehensive cybersecurity solutions at

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