Converge tops Netflix ISP Speed Index

Beating other national telcos in actual speeds

Converge ICT tops last month’s Netflix ISP Speed Index, beating other local Internet providers.

In the published report online, Converge bested Globe and PLDT with a 3.4Mbps score, with the latter two tied for third with a near 3.2Mbps score. SkyCable is at fourth with a 3.0Mbps score, while Royal Cable in Southern Luzon posted a 2.6Mbps score.

With the introduction of free speed upgrades of up to 300 Mbps for its consumer plans last December, Converge subscribers can continue to expect the best streaming experience and make more memories with the online platform

“The changes we have felt arising from the pandemic has led many to explore their options for at-home entertainment, and we are pleased to see that Converge’s pure fiber internet has allowed its subscribers to enjoy the very best of online streaming platform Netflix, uninterrupted and in the highest possible quality. Our showing in the latest Netflix ISP Speed Index illustrates our commitment to continue providing fast and affordable internet to our subscribers,” said Converge Chief Operating Officer, Jesus Romero.

Netflix calculates the ISP Speed Index by dividing the prime time sessions into 0.5 Megabits per second (Mbps) buckets based on the maximum possible bitrate and then calculate the time-weighted bitrate achieved for all sessions in each bucket. After which, the company calculates the global hours distribution of these 0.5 Mbps buckets and normalize every ISP to this same distribution.

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