Samsung Introduces Galaxy AI to Enhance Health and Fitness Features on Galaxy Watch

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Earlier this year, Samsung launched the Galaxy S24 series, marking the dawn of mobile AI, and pledged to expand Galaxy AI across its device range. Now, Samsung is integrating Galaxy AI into the Galaxy Watch, enhancing its popular health capabilities. By combining robust on-device AI with the extensive Samsung Health app, Samsung aims to deliver highly personalized and secure health experiences.

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Advanced Intelligence for Enhanced Insights and Motivation

Samsung is focused on providing an advanced health and wellness experience by leveraging meaningful insights to foster better understanding of health patterns. With Galaxy AI and Samsung Health, new features deliver comprehensive health insights and motivational support to enhance daily wellness. The Energy Score provides users with a holistic analysis, combining metrics such as sleep patterns, activity levels, and heart health to optimize daily performance. Meanwhile, Wellness Tips offers tailored guidance and motivational advice to help users achieve their health goals effectively.

Greater Precision and Accuracy

Accurate health metrics are crucial for intelligent health experiences. Samsung has enhanced its health algorithms and tracking tools to offer precise, personalized, and actionable insights through AI. Improvements in the sleep AI algorithm now include additional metrics like movement during sleep and respiratory rate, complementing existing data on snoring, blood oxygen levels, and sleep cycles to provide users with deeper sleep insights.

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New Fitness Features

The new Galaxy Watch introduces advanced fitness capabilities previously found in high-end equipment. Alongside the Personalized Health Rate Zone for running, users now have access to detailed metrics such as Aerobic Threshold (AT) / Anaerobic Threshold (AnT) Heart Rate Zones, enabling efficient running and quick performance analysis. Cyclists can utilize the Functional Threshold Power (FTP) metrics for personalized training, optimizing performance based on AI-driven data analysis. Additionally, the Workout Routine feature allows seamless transitions between exercises for a customized workout experience, while Race compares current and past performances on similar routes to track progress.

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Future Outlook

Junho Park, VP and Head of the Galaxy Ecosystem Product Planning Team, MX Business at Samsung Electronics, highlighted, “By expanding the power of Galaxy AI across our ecosystem, we’re unlocking new possibilities for optimized, connected experiences that offer greater personalization and intelligence.” The introduction of Galaxy AI to Galaxy Watch marks the beginning of this journey, with more integrations across Samsung’s Galaxy portfolio on the horizon.

These innovative features will be available on the upcoming Galaxy Watch lineup via One UI 6 Watch, launching later this year. A select group of Galaxy Watch users will have early access to the beta program starting in June. Samsung anticipates these advancements will redefine user experiences, leveraging advanced hardware upgrades in the new Galaxy Watch series.

Stay tuned for more updates on Samsung’s evolving Galaxy AI capabilities and enhanced device integrations.

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