Smart 5G is the Philippines’ fastest mobile network in the latest Ookla report

According to the Ookla Speedtest Awards for H1 and H2 2021

Smart Communications Inc. (Smart) has retained its position as the country’s fastest 5G mobile network during the second half of 2021 according to the latest Ookla report.

“As the pandemic sped up digital adoption across the world, we have made it our mission to provide Filipinos with the best customer experience through our superior network and innovative services that enable our subscribers to live the Giga Life and pursue their passions,” said Jane J. Basas,” SVP and Head of Wireless Consumer Business at Smart. “Speed is the key metric when it comes to network performance and simply providing amazing digital experiences, and we are extremely proud that our 5G network has consistently been recognized as the fastest in the country based on the real-world experience by our subscribers,” she added.

Using 325,396 user-initiated 5G tests, Ookla declared Smart as the winner of its Speedtest Awards for Q3-Q4 2021 with a Speed Score of 201.95, while its closest competitor posted a Speed Score of 116.08.

Smart has posted a median download speed of 218.82 Mbps and a median upload speed of 22.46 Mbps. Meanwhile, its closest competitor has posted 116.92 Mbps and 10.81 Mbps for the median download and upload speed, respectively.

In addition, Smart’s median latency is recorded at 14 milliseconds while its closest competitor is at 19 milliseconds as reported by Ookla.

Huge speed gaps in Manila, Cebu, CDO

In Manila, Smart recorded a median download speed of 263.67 Mbps while its closest competitor posted 98.44 Mbps. While median upload speeds are at 28.27 Mbps and 9.77 Mbps between Smart and its closest competitor, respectively.

Smart has dominated Cebu City in the Visayas region with a median download speed of 214.27 Mbps while the closest competitor is at 125.93 Mbps. Upload speeds are at 19.85Mbps for Smart and 10.34 Mbps for its closest competitor.

Moreover, in Cagayan de Oro City, Smart leads with a median download speed of 217.83 Mbps while its closest competitor is at 143.71 Mbps. Upload speeds on the other hand are at 21.82 Mbps for Smart and 12.20 Mbps for its closest competitor.

Since Smart’s 5G rollout in the country back in 2020, the telco network has already deployed around 7,200 5G base stations. It has also adopted the faster 5G network by launching its own 5G devices such as the Smart 5G Rocket WiFi and Smart Bro Prepaid Home WiFi 5G. These were complemented by Unli 5G data offers that are available via the Smart GigaLife App for prepaid subscribers and Smart Signature Plans+ for postpaid subscribers.

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