Smart 5G twice as fast as competitors, Ookla reports

With a recorded 5G download speed of 217.03 Mbps!

Smart 5G Ookla 1

Smart’s 5G network speed is twice as fast as its competitor as reported by Ookla, the global leader in broadband network intelligence.

Smart 5G Ookla 1

According to the Speedtest Global Index Market and Analyses report of Q3 2021, Smart’s median 5G download speed is 217.03 Mbps which is faster than Globe’s 114.12 Mbps. In addition, Ookla also highlighted the 5G speeds of other mobile operators in selected markets: T-Mobile (US) with 135.17 Mbps, China Mobile (HK) at 191.95 Mbps, Telekom (Germany) at 161.14 Mbps, and Bell (Canada) at 183.39 Mbps.

“Ookla’s latest report underscores the steady progress we’ve made in rolling out 5G and providing our subscribers with a world-class customer experience in terms of speed and coverage,” said Jane J. Basas, SVP and Head of Consumer Wireless Business at Smart. 

“This inspires us to continue with our network rollout and improvement efforts, as well as stay ahead of our subscribers’ needs by offering innovative products and services,” she added. 

The telco provider also retained its spot as the fastest mobile operator locally with a Speed Score of 59.71 which is ahead of Globe’s 28.38 and DITO’s 25.34. The Speed Score is the measure of each provider’s download and upload speed to rank their network performance.

Moreover, Smart had the lowest median latency at 20 milliseconds (ms), faster than DITO’s 24 ms, and Globe’s 25 ms. The median latency is the measure of connection response which is vital for streaming and gaming. The lower the latency is, the better.

To date, Smart now has around 800,000 5G users on its network and has fired up over 4,400 5G sites in more than 4,000 locations in the Philippines.

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