Converge announces increased FiberX, FiberXtreme plan speeds

Converge is announcing a series of speed increases across its FiberX and Fiber Xtreme Internet Fiber Plans this Christmas season, as a way of spreading the holiday cheer to all its subscribers.

Its countdown website will reportedly launch new speed increases at different dates and times, with WalasTech learning and confirming through various sources the plans they will reveal today, December 15.

December 15, 12MN: Converge is set to increase Fiber Xtreme Plan speeds — Plan 7000 will now have peak speeds of up to 800Mbps (from 500Mbps), while Plan 4500 will now have up to 400Mbps (from 300Mbps).

December 15, 12NN: Converge will announce increase in speeds to its FiberX Plans. Plan 2500 will now have 100Mbps (from 75Mbps), and Plan 3500 will increase from 150Mbps to 200Mbps.

December 15, 8PM: Converge will announce an all-new Fiber XTRA Plan with speeds of up to 45Mbps, from the 35Mbps with Plan 1500 Plus. Converge will also re-open applications for existing Plan 1500 subscribers to avail of the plan for only P99 on top of their existing plan while existing Fiber X 1500 Plus subscribers can get the additional speed at no extra cost.

December 22: The FiberX Plan 1500 will receive an upgrade from 25Mbps to 35Mbps.

You may go to this website to upgrade your existing FiberX or Fiber Xtreme plan to the new speed. The new Internet speeds are Converge’s holiday gift to all its subscribers this season, as it had started this tradition in 2018.

In addition, new Converge customers will also receive a one month free subscription if they apply from December 12, 2020, to January 31, 2021.

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