PUBG MOBILE 1.9 update brings new gameplay improvements, bug fixes

Expect exciting things in PUBG MOBILE!

PUBG MOBILE 4th Anniversary Edition

PUBG MOBILE is bringing exciting stuff for its fans this 2022 after the successful PUBG MOBILE x JUJUTSU KAISEN crossover.

PUBG MOBILE 4th Anniversary Edition

Expect the 1.9 update to hit the game soon which will feature a new Royal Pass, map adjustments, new racing game mode, and weapons. Colorful modes will also come to the game – skydiving into a colorful aerial battlefield and transforming into a player with expanding headgear and floating.

Air Battlefield

  • After a hit from the enemy, the player’s headgear may expand and float in the air. Once eliminated, the player may return to the Battle Royale (BR) battlefield again.
  • If a teammate hits the player, the headgear will shrink, and the player continues the gameplay as the player returns to the ground.
  • The player only have five minutes after the battle commences to experience the colorful aerial battlefield that disappears.

Colorful Birth Island

  • Players can use four different colored balls to dye the central building in their favorite color.
  • Birth Island players throw colored balls of different colors and summon four giant statues representing strategy, courage, cooperation, and calmness. Then they can trigger the unique performance of themed gameplay.
PUBG MOBILE Version 1.9

Tagalog Voice Pack

Moymoy Palaboy duo will be behind the new Tagalog Voice Pack of PUBG MOBILE! This is Tencent’s way of giving back to their fans with a proper homage through the mobile game.

Anniversary Pop-Up Crates

Lastly, PUBG MOBILE is gearing up to launch Pop-Up Crates all over the country. Keep an eye for colorful crates with a Shoot Zone, a Score Zone, and a Strike Zone on these Pop-up Crates and win prizes courtesy of PUBG MOBILE!

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