Zenless Zone Zero previews new content as it prepares for global launch

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Ahead of the highly anticipated global launch of the urban fantasy ARPG “Zenless Zone Zero” on PS5, PC, Android, and iOS on July 4th at 10:00 AM (UTC+8), HoYoverse has unveiled the latest game content through its Version 1.0 Pre-Release Special Program. This program introduces brand-new plot content, new playable agents, and special launch events, celebrating the game’s milestone of 40 million global sign-ups.

zenless zone zero zzz philippines 2

New Game Content

Zenless Zone Zero, set in the last remaining metropolis, New Eridu, invites players to explore a world devastated by a calamity known as the “Hollows.” Players take on the role of a “Proxy,” accompanied by unique characters as they explore the Hollows, battle enemies, complete commissions, and uncover the mysteries of New Eridu.

Key updates include:

  • New Eridu: The bustling commercial district Lumina Square and the adventurers’ base Scott Outpost are now available for exploration.
  • Playable Agents: New characters Lucy and Piper from the Sons of Calydon join the roster of agents.
  • Immersive Urban Experience: Explore Sixth Street and the broader urban district of Lumina Square, interact with NPCs, discover hidden rewards, and more.
  • Scott Outpost: Serving as an operational base for explorers, it overlooks Hollow Zero and offers challenges in Hollow Zero and Shiyu Defense.
  • Random Play: The second floor is now open, allowing players to relax, play music, and customize photo walls.

Story and Gameplay Enhancements

  • Chapter Updates: Unlock Chapter 2-Interlude featuring Officer Zhu Yuan and Chapter 3 of the main story with the members of Victoria Housekeeping.
  • New Companions: New Bangboo designs accompany players into combat, and players can set their preferred Bangboo for Signal Search to guarantee their desired S-Rank Bangboo.
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Generous In-Game Rewards

To celebrate the global launch, Zenless Zone Zero offers generous in-game rewards, including:

  • 1600 Polychromes
  • 70 Master Tapes
  • 20 Encrypted Master Tapes
  • 80 Boopons

Players can earn these rewards by advancing their in-game progress, participating in global launch events, and engaging in numerous time-limited in-game events, such as Friendship Supervision and Watch Your Step.

For more information regarding the global launch and future updates of Zenless Zone Zero, visit the official website at zenless.hoyoverse.com or follow the official X (Twitter) account @ZZZ_EN.

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