TCL Announces 2023 Refrigerator Lineup Available in the Philippines

Keeping your food and drinks fresh and safe!

tcl refrigerator 2023 philippines

TCL, a leading consumer electronics brand and the world’s top two TV brand, today announced its brand new lineup of intelligent refrigerators to audiences in the Philippines. The multi-functional range of models demonstrates TCL’s commitment to bringing the region’s advanced domestic tech at accessible price points, allowing customers to lead healthier, greener, and more convenient lifestyles.

tcl refrigerator 2023 philippines

The TCL Fresh Pro | AAT INVERTER + TRF-259INV/N – A Flagship Smart Fridge with Health and Energy-Saving Benefits

TCL’s AAT INVERTER + is set to be the best accessible high-tech top-mount refrigerator on the market and a great example of the powerful functionality featured across the TCL Refrigerator lineup.

With families in the Philippines being more health conscious than ever before, TCL AAT INVERTER +’s Healthy Fresh functions cater to their health needs. Automatic Anion-releasing Technology (AAT) coats the cabinet’s inner lining with special material, which helps with purification and antioxidation and kills 99.99% of bacteria. The dust-free gasket is easy-to-clean and inhibits mold growth, adding an extra layer of protection.

As well as being better for consumers, TCL’s AAT INVERTER + is also better for the planet. Its Twin Eco Inverter provides the perfect cooling environment for food, which not only enables long-lasting freshness but also saves energy and money. The Twin Eco Inverter also provides a steady temperature inside the refrigerator which inhibits the growth of ice, a process known as Total No Frost. Food remains frost-free so there is no need for manual defrosting and no danger of food sticking to the walls of the refrigerator or being frozen when placed towards the back.

Finally, Easy-Using features give the user experience a premium feel, with little adaptations to make life more convenient, such as large storage space, and Twist Ice Maker to freeze, unmold and store ice cubes with a simple gesture.

TCL’s Varied Refrigerator Range for Every Filipino Family

Asides from TCL AAT INVERTER +, TCL has an extensive range of refrigerators to suit every family’s needs. The TCL FreshPro Direct Cool+ line is an accessible but highly functional range, with precise temperature control allowing for accurate cooling to ensure optimum conditions to preserve freshness. TCL FreshPro Direct Cool+ Refrigerators are designed to be running at low noise thanks to innovative compressors, ensuring you are never disturbed by humming or buzzing, and soft LED lighting offers excellent illumination of the fridge contents whilst saving on energy consumption.

Regarding energy saving, like the TCL AAT INVERTER +, The TCL FreshPro AAT Inverter Max collection also comes with a Twin Eco Inverter, allowing for accurate temperature control whilst reducing energy consumption and noise for a quieter and more environmentally friendly option. What’s more, the TCL FreshPro AAT Inverter Max range comes equipped with powerful cooling functions – with the press of one button, Power Cool increases the cooling rate to chill your drinks and food rapidly whilst Power Freeze further enhances the cooling effect to freeze food and ice. The Max Space feature allows families to customize storage within the fridge to suit their requirements, with daily items organized to be easily accessible whilst optimizing the space available allowing the ability to stock up on family favorites.

Discover TCL’s range of refrigerators to suit every consumer’s requirements, rolling out across retailers in the Philippines in the coming months.

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