Filipinos need 3 months workdays for an iPhone 14 Pro – Report

Switzerland ranks first.

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Data from consolidated local iPhone 14 Pro prices worldwide with average local wage earnings shows which is the price of the smartphone expressed in working days.

iPhone 14 Pro is locally priced at PHP 70,990, meanwhile, according to the latest Numbeo data, the average wage in the Philippines is ₱16,401 net. It means an average Filipino worker has to work for 3 months or 90.9 days provided all the money he earned is saved to purchase the latest iPhone. Compared to last year’s data, this is 0.7 days more (90.2 days).

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On the other hand, Switzerland ranks in the first place, as an average citizen of Switzerland needs only 4.6 days, while Turkey ranked in the last place of the ranking with 146.7 days required.

How about you, how many days do you need to afford the latest iPhone? Let us know.

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