HATASU eBike: Riding into the Local Market Quietly and Effectively

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In case you missed it, a notable eBike brand, HATASU, has been making steady progress in the local market. HATASU eBike is a mobility solution brand that focuses on delivering affordable, eco-friendly products to cater to the daily commuting needs of Filipinos. With their current range of two-wheelers and three-wheelers, HATASU eBike is committed to promoting a sustainable lifestyle for all Filipinos.

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Experience the HATASU Ride

HATASU recently hosted its inaugural HATASU Experience event on October 12, 2023, in Puerto Real, Intramuros, Manila. The event provided media partners with the chance to test the existing eBike lineup. They also hinted at an upcoming model set to launch in November, along with their future plans to enter the eMotorcycle market next year.

“We are truly honored to have received such warm welcome from our media partners and of course from our Hatasukis (HATASU ebike owners and fans) who gave their trust and support for us to achieve the milestones we have despite being a young brand. We are excited to see HATASU ebike grow in the local market and we cannot wait to expand our line-up of products to provide the best riding experience for all Filipinos,” says Austine Huang, Chief Marketing Officer.

HATASU eBike Expands Nationwide in Less Than a Year

HATASU in the Philippines

Despite being present in the local market for just under a year, HATASU eBike has already established a nationwide presence through partnerships with leading automotive and technology dealerships, including names like Cellboy, Cell City, EMCOR, Guanzon, Home Along, K-Servico, and more. HATASU eBike is now available in over 500 authorized dealer stores and boasts nine concept stores across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. To locate a store carrying HATASU eBike, visit this link.

10000 Users in Just 10 Months

Additionally, HATASU is collaborating with financial providers such as Aeon Credit Service and Home Credit to assist customers with financing. They are also enhancing their after-sales support by offering home service repairs and working with dealers to establish Accredited Service Centers. As a result, HATASU has garnered more than 10,000 satisfied users in the Philippines.

“Our ultimate goal for HATASU is not to simply sell ebikes, we want HATASU to become a symbol of progress and sustainability, a driving force in the electric mobility landscape whilst ensuring accessibility to everyone,” says Austine Huang, Chief Marketing Officer.

HATASU has set up headquarters in the Philippines and now has three warehouse facilities in Luzon, Cebu, and Davao City, ensuring efficient and hassle-free deliveries to customers. The brand’s ambition is to extend its sustainable mobility vision to more countries in the coming years. In pursuit of this goal, HATASU is now registered in five other countries, including China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

A HATASU eBike for Every Need

HATASU is dedicated to delivering high-quality, accessible eBikes. They currently offer five eBike models, with one more to be introduced this November. The best part is that these eBikes require no gas – just charge them, and full cycle costs as low as P20 for up to 8 hours of use.

Theres a HATASU ebike for all your needs

Each HATASU eBike model caters to specific needs:

  1. KUMI and NERO are two-wheelers suitable for students, young professionals, and office workers, offering a convenient way to reach school or the workplace.
  2. Short-range travelers can rely on KUMI and NERO for local errands, as they are low-maintenance and easy to park.
  3. Families can benefit from the MAKO and MAKO 2 three-wheelers for school runs, grocery trips, and leisure outings.
  4. Business owners can use the MAKO series for efficient deliveries, thanks to their ample storage solutions and comfortable seats.
  5. HARU, the latest three-wheeler, is perfect for individuals who need an easy-to-ride option. Even those with no prior eBike experience can confidently use it.

What’s Next for HATASU eBike?

Kicking off the year with recognition from Asia Business Outlook as one of the “Most Promising Electric Vehicles in Asia,” HATASU eBike is set to unveil a new three-wheeler model in November, promising a Multi-ride, Easy Go experience for Filipinos.

In addition to their product launch, HATASU continues to collaborate with partner dealers, key opinion leaders, events, and organizations to make the HATASU eBike accessible throughout the country.

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Stay tuned for upcoming events where you can explore the HATASU eBikes. To acquire your own HATASU eBike, visit an authorized dealer store or the Official HATASU LazMall Store. For more updates, follow HATASU Philippines on Facebook and TikTok. Hop On, HATASU Now!

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