ADATA Showcases Innovations at COMPUTEX Taipei 2024

ADATAs gaming brand XPG comprehensively upgrades Gaming Lifestyles 1

ADATA Technology Co. Ltd., a global leader in memory modules and flash memory, alongside its gaming brand XPG and industrial-grade embedded storage brand ADATA Industrial, will participate in COMPUTEX Taipei 2024 from June 4 to June 7. ADATA’s theme for this year, “Innovate Today, Embrace Tomorrow,” will guide its showcase across three key categories: “AI Computing,” “Sustainability and Innovation,” and “Immersive Reality.”

ADATA Technology Co. Ltd., the world’s leading brand for memory modules and flash memory, will team up with its gaming brand XPG and industrial-grade embedded storage brand ADATA Industrial for Computex Taipei 2024 from June 4 to June 7. ADATA’s theme for 2024 is “Innovate Today, Embrace Tomorrow.” At the show, ADATA will present products in three major categories tied to their vision and commitment to leading innovation and sustainable initiatives. These categories include “AI Computing,” “Sustainability and Innovation,” and “Immersive Reality.”

ADATA and XPG brand ambassador Mera will make a surprise appearance in the “AI Computing” section. ADATA will showcase the world’s first AI gaming laptop equipped with an SSD of up to 24TB and 96GB of DRAM, overclocked DDR5 8000 R-DIMM for handling massive computing workloads and data processing, and a complete line of Express Card storage solutions that promote AI mobile devices. ADATA will also display various high performance products that continue to lead sustainability trends in the “Sustainability and Innovation” section including the industry’s only comprehensive innovative cooling solutions, and a full range of green storage products made of recycled materials. Other highlights will include the 2024 iF Design Award winning INVADER X family of gaming chassis, and gaming components that combine optimized heat dissipation, environmental awareness, and the application of future technologies. The “Immersive Reality” section features a new gaming handheld PC, the XPG NIA, a full range of gaming products and peripherals, and the industry’s most powerful external SSD solutions and mobile peripherals. In order to make it easier for consumers around the world to participate in the exhibition, ADATA will simultaneously launch its online COMPUTEX event from June 4, allowing consumers to experience ADATA’s full range of industry-leading products!

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“AI Computing” – Generating a New Era of Smart AI Storage

ADATA combines cutting-edge technology with XPG brand ambassador Mera in the “AI Computing” section. This AI virtual human is based on a realistic appearance combined with an internal language model. This technology requires high-performance AI computing components and reveals ADATA’s comprehensive investment in the AI ​​field including smart workstations, overclocked memory, memory cards, gaming laptops, and industrial solutions.

The XPG DEFENDER WS L smart AI workstation stands out with its superior processing capabilities and revolutionary noise reduction chassis. An AI development focused version of the XPG XENIA 15G laptop comes equipped with up to 24TB of SSD storage and 96GB DRAM, providing users with unparalleled data processing speed and capacity. ADATA will also present overclocked DDR5 8000 R-DIMM memory designed to make AI models run faster and smoother. Additionally, ADATA’s latest generation LPCAMM2 memory products are ideal high-performance memory solutions for handling AI PCs and complex workloads. They comply with JEDEC standards and feature the latest technologies and new design architectures. By utilizing LPDDR5/5X DRAM ICs, they can achieve speeds of up to 7,500 MT/s. These products are available in various capacities including 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. In the future, they will be applied to personal computers, high-performance gaming workstations, and even data centers as a high performance, highly reliable, and low power consumption option that brings revolutionary change to the PC ecosystem.

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In the first half of 2024, ADATA officially started mass-producing microSD SD7.1 Express memory cards with read/write speeds up to 800/700MB/s. It also launched SD8.0 Express memory cards with read/write speeds reaching 1,700/1,200MB/s, achieving PCIe SSD speeds and greatly improving the performance of AI mobile devices. ADATA Technology is currently the only leading brand that provides complete Express Card storage solutions.

In terms of professional-grade storage, ADATA Industrial prioritizes AI computing through its three key core advantages: “seamless data connectivity, enhanced high-speed, and strengthened security systems.” Various BiCS5 3D(e)TLC storage products, high DWPD enterprise-class SSDs, and extremely high-performance enterprise-class NVMe Gen4/Gen5 SSDs demonstrate ADATA’s powerful advantages in product and technology R&D. At the same time, a variety of industrial-grade memory modules will be unveiled to improve the accuracy and efficiency of AI data transfer and further promote the development of AI computing.

“Sustainability and Innovation” – The Industry’s Leader in Cooling Sparks the Green Products Revolution

ADATA has demonstrated its profound and powerful R&D capabilities in the field of cooling and continues to lead the industry in launching the most complete DRAM and SSD cooling solutions to remedy thermal issues caused by turbo-speed storage including a “heat dissipating coating,” “liquid cooling,” “air cooling,” and “use of innovative materials.” The XPG LANCER NEON RGB DDR5 memory module employs heat dissipation coating technology on the PCB, a heatsink that is 50% recycled PCR materials, and an environmentally friendly IMR (in-mold transfer) process to become the first eco-friendly RGB memory module available. Project NeonStorm PCIe Gen5 SSD, a favorite of this year’s Computex BC Award judges, adopts a patented dual active cooling system, which combines a double-layer aluminum alloy air duct, a liquid cooling system, and dual-fans to increase the cooling efficiency of this Gen5 SSD by 10%. The LEGEND 970 PRO PCIe Gen5 SSD boasts a continuous read/write speed of up to 14,000/12,000MB/s, utilizing a double-layer extruded aluminum heatsink and an internal micro fan to quickly eject heat energy from either end of its extruded aluminum fins, increasing heat dissipation performance up to 20%. Project NeoCool PCIe Gen4 SSD is not only stunning to look at, but also utilizes new graphene composite materials to create an innovative SSD heat dissipation solution.

ADATA continues to promote environmental protection and deepen its commitment to sustainable operations with the EC600 2.5-inch HDD/SSD enclosure, 85% of which is recycled plastic which effectively reduces emissions by 74%. The 2.5-inch disk inside the enclosure is given new life, extending the overall product life cycle. The latest UC320 flash drive can also be seen at this year’s exhibition. It is expected to contain 85% PCR plastic, reducing carbon emissions by 68%.

The XPG INVADER X mid-tower gaming chassis won the 2024 iF Design Award for its environmentally friendly features. The case is pre-installed with reverse spinning fans to optimize cooling performance and ensure a cool operating temperature while its simple design redefines the aesthetics of gaming. XPG has expanded its line of cooling solutions to include innovation like XPG HYDRO CPU air cooler and HURRICANE MAG. To complete the line-up XPG is also showing, LEVANTE II AIO, and VENTO 120 ARGB PWM fans with both standard and reverse models available, delivering a wealth of environmentally conscious PC building options.

“Immersive Reality” – Comprehensive Upgrades to Gaming and Smart Tech Lifestyles

ADATAs gaming brand XPG comprehensively upgrades Gaming Lifestyles 1

In addition to a full range of mobile peripherals to simplify the lifestyles of consumers around the world, ADATA’s gaming brand XPG will be launching a gaming handheld PC at Computex. XPG’s stunning masterpiece, the new XPG NIA, combines superior ergonomics with a circular computing design to create an ultra-comfortable experience so gamers can play nonstop or mod the device to their liking. XPG NIA will also pioneer the use of EYEWEAR eye-tracking technology which lets you enjoy the ultimate immersive gaming experience from anywhere!

XPG presents a full range of recently launched INVADER X family gaming chassis including the INVADER X BTF, INVADER X PRO BTF, and INVADER X MINI. Visitors can also demo the newly launched SORCERER and SORCERER MINI gaming keyboards, the world’s first balanced gaming headset, PRECOG STUDIO, and special Xtreme Saga editions of the FRONTLINE XL mouse pad. You can also see XPG’s full portfolio of ATX 3.0 and ATX 3.1 compliant power supply units, including the top-of-the-line FUSION 1600W Titanium designed in collaboration with DELTA Electronics and XPG’s first SFX Platinum PSU, at the show this year.

ADATA has introduced a series of external Type C SSDs to meet growing demand for seamless connection between devices 1

The unified use of the USB-C interface revolutionizes mobile device charging and the storage and backup of massive files. ADATA has introduced a series of external Type-C SSDs to meet growing demand for seamless connections between devices, including the latest USB4 SE920, high-speed SE880, and rugged SD810. For this exhibition, ADATA has also launched external SSDs, SC750 and SC720, which were designed for mobile phones.

For more information and to participate in the online exhibition, please visit ADATA COMPUTEX 2024.

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